Farm Buying Checklist 
Avocado Farm for Sale

What do you look for when you are buying a farm?

1) Look at the land-- what is the access, the terrain, the soil, the water.  How big is it?  Are there limitations or CC & R's that might affect your usage? What has been done recently to the farm?   Are there trees on site?  Are they big, small, old or young? What condition are they in?  In farming, you need to plan for this year, next year and the year after that.   So put the next 3 years into your analysis.   

2) Examine the production records for an existing farm, or the start up costs for planting or developing.  Often, it can be easier, especially with avocados, to start fresh.  Do a realistic evaluation of current management practices and keep that in mind when looking at production records. 

3) Examine the price and terms of the sale.  Look at Comparables (these can be hard to find for farms).   

4) Call me!  Jill Pettigrew 760/468-1144.  We can go over your questions about farming, avocado growing, or buying a piece of land.  
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